What kind of bikes do you work on?

We will service and repair anything pedal powered, including road bikes, mountain bikes, commuting bikes, bmx’s, ebikes and much more. If you’re unsure whether your bike is included, please give us a call!

Do you service ebikes?

Yes! We provide servicing and repairs on ebikes powered by Shimano, Bosch, Fazua, Yamaha, Brose (Specialized) and Mahle motors. For any brands not listed, we are still happy to work on the mechanical parts of these bikes with the battery removed. Unfortunately, for legal reasons we are unable to work on any bikes with a throttle control.

What level of service should I choose?

After we have done your free safety quote, we will recommend a level of service that will cover the required work to get your bike running smooth as silk.

What is a safety quote?

A safety quote is the initial inspection where your bike is given a thorough check of all the components to determin their wear and safety of use. This is completely free and we will then be able to give you a no-obligation recommendation of the level of service required to get your bike working safely and feeling great.

Can I just bring my bike in?

We are more than happy for you to pop down to the shop with your bike to discuss what your bike needs. We wont be able to provide you with a quote straight away but if you leave your bike with us you will be added to our queue system for your free safety quote.

Can you collect my bike?

Yes! We are able to collect bikes on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8-9am and 17:30-18:30pm. For more information on pricing and availability, see our Collections page.

Can I book a day to have my bike fixed?

At Silk, we run on a first come first served basis where we treat all bikes with equal priority so we dont book bikes in to be fixed on a specific day. You are able to book a day to drop off or have your bike collected and once we receive it, it will be added to our queue system and you will receive a quote as soon as possible.

Do I have to leave my bike with you?

Yes, we ask that you leave your bike with us so that we can give it a full and thorough assessment as soon as we have availabilty. We are then able to reccomend what your bike needs and order parts specific to your bike and budget.

When will I get my bike back?

We aim to return your bike to you within a 14 day turn-around period, quality work can take time and we pride ourselves on our meticulous standards on every bike that comes through the shop. We understand it can be inconvenient being without your bike so we have a range of loan bikes available for you to borrow while your bike is in the shop.

Do you fix small jobs eg. punctures on the spot?

If you have a small issue that can be fixed quickly eg. puncture repair,wheel trueing, bolt check etc. , we are happy to try and fit this in for you on the spot. For anything more time consuming we would need to book you into our queue system.

Do you sell bikes?

We don’t sell any bikes but we are happy to build any bikes you’ve purchased online. We are proud to be a service partner for Canyon and Intense and can carry out warranty work for these brands.

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